ChatRoulette Mobile Info
Our new HTML5 ChatRoulette for mobile devices works in desktop computers using Chrome browser or Mozilla Firefox, as well as in Android mobile devices or tablets using Chrome or Firefox. iPhones, iPads or iPods using latest Safari browser version should work fine also. No wonder that it does not work in any version of Internet Explorer. This is an Alpha ChatRoulette alternative version that should have some bugs and maybe a dinosaur, but it is fully functional and a starting point to go ahead and start changing the mobile chat World. Please, if you encounter any bug please inform us!

The popular ChatRoulette is an audio and video app that connects random users from all around the World in a simple way. It was launched back in 2009, a lot of things have changed since then, mobile technology is one of the biggest changes that have happened in these 6 years.
We are in 2015 and Android and iPhone - mobile devices in general - are the main devices used to browse internet globally that, sadly, do not work well to play Adobe Flash content, even by installing some apps to make the device compatible - like FlashFox browser - the rendering is unsatisfactory for most users. This is why we have developed a new HTML5 mobile ChatRoulette that does not require any additional plugin to install. This is a video-only mobile version, so there is no keyboard at the moment. Sorry about that.

Of course, we do still have our classic ChatRoulette version, that works with Adobe Flash player - the one that have keyboard, the search for users function and the language recognition - but we are working into merging both versions into a single all new HTML5 ChatRoulette version.
We are also working on merging the Flash and the Android and iPhone version of our ChatRoulette into a single HTML5 version. We are introducing sone new enhancements like country search, number of users connected to the chat, gender search (search for male or female only), allowing us to create a new gay and lesbian ChatRoulette as women searching for women or men searching for men. This will be upcoming in the next few months, so stay tuned to QuieroChat.Com!

ChatRoulette: History And Controversy
The history of ChatRoulette dates back to 2009, when a young man named Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17 year student from Moscow, Russia, had the idea of connecting people randomly by VideoChat. ChatRoulette became operational in November 2009, only a few months later it reached more than one million daily visitors, in a curious phenomenon where people can connect their cameras and wait to see who is on the other side of the World!

There are discrepancies about the attribution of the phenomenon ChatRoulette, since back at that time, Omegle, another chat site, was offering the same service with only text chat (text chat with no camera) so that the attribution of the original invention of chat random to ChatRoulette is questionable, because there are sources that attribute to Omegle the original inventorship, while others attribute it to ChatRoulette. Some sources cite Omegle as the first chat site offering random text chat, but its so little catchy name, users do not directly associated the term Omegle to «Random Chat», and mnemonic advantage of the word «ChatRoulette» containing the definition of what is offered (roulette where were the users are the focus of the roulette...) was an insurmountable disadvantage for Omegle in the branding war for the associative term «Chat Random».